This will be a better version than MKII.

We have now more than 100,000 supporters out there. We thank you all! By now we only need 35000 donators to activate Mark III memberships.
By becoming a donator, you will have early access to all updates. (Current counter is updated each week).

Progress bar:

PDF GOAL (Almost there!) PDF GOAL
3D Interactive Lab Goal Laboratory Goal (10000/35000)
MarketPlace Goal MarketPlace Goal (20000/35000)

What will you get by donating?

The date is TBD(pending). Once we reach a certain amount we might proceed updating the system and giving donators access to new Beta updates. This system will be totally independent from previous Mark II system.
While you wait, is nice to have something meanwhile. We will release many PDF files explaining the new advantages of the Mark III system. Stay tunned!
We need at least 10,000 donations to release the 3D laboratory. A virtual simulation compatible with Oculus Rift and Leapmotion to interact with an animated enviroment. A place where you can control virtual 3D objects with your voice.
We want at least 20,000 donators to activate the "Online Command Database", a place where anyone can contribute and earn extra money. A way to support all developers that have supported us through this years.
The goal is to have a MarketStore that can provide as many PROFILES as we can.
As you may know, now with MK2 you can switch to another profile using your voice saying: A.I. name+switch to profile+#name of profile#. This will allow for the first time ever to have millions of commands in just one system.