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30 April 2016

Mark II Version 2.6 Update successful.

  • New Mark II, configuration 2.6 is here! Thanks to all fans for making this happen.


    This is a way to say thanks to all donators and fans out there!
  • Please create a backup of all your commands and databases.
  • Now all databases extension are .txt we no longer use .csv
  • If you have donated and have acquirde some of our profiles, please check your email to get the new version in .txt format. Now you can use the power of the cloud to back up your commands and restore them in any other PC.

    What is new?

  • New settings options.
  • Much stable version.
  • Database improvements.
  • Introducing variables inside custom window.
  • New cortana functions merged with LINKS Mark 2.6
  • Multi A.I. voices ability
  • New push to talk alt right button
  • Faster buttons "no more lag"
  • More speech recognition options"
  • New web Server options and much more!"

    New Design for current MARK II

  • We want Mark II to have a similar design to Mark III, so hey! is still Mark II. This image shows the new MK2 concept.

    What are we working on? MARK III!!!

  • New concept of alarm.
  • New music player.
  • Improves in news section.
  • New flyout menus.
  • More section in settings window such as control sound effects volume, language.
  • Plugin compatible.

    The following picture shows what we are working on right now.

    Known bugs or missing functionalities

  • Have you find a bug? Please report it at the forum. Thanks.